AD-C2 Double sided chopping board

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"Design Philosophy from Apple in California"

A.C.E Cutting Board Stainless Steel PP Double-sided Cutting Board Food Grade Material PP Surface. New member ready to join your kitchen.

Features :

Available on Both Sides

304 stainless steel material, good overall performance, high stability, corrosion resistance, suitable for meat processing.


PP Surface Matte

The PP surface is frosted to prevent round and other irregular foods from slipping, making it safer.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has high hardness, is not easy to leave marks, is durable and resistant to wear.

Food Grade Material

Both sides are food-grade ingredients, so you can touch them with confidence.

Physically Remove & Decompose Odor 
Cut raw meat without odor. When stainless steel comes into contact with air and water molecules, and the released iron ions can decompose the odor and reduce it to an odorless state.
Specifications :
Product: A.C.E Stainless Steel PP Double-sided Cutting Board
Specification size: 390x290x22mm
Product net weight: 1650g
Product material: Stainless steel, plastic
Package Included :
1 X A.C.E Cutting Board

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